Svenska Missionskyrkans veckobrev om mission 
23 december 2003

Käre vän!

Hindustani Covenant Church, Missionskyrkans systerkyrka i Indien har sänt en hälsning inför "Missionsdagen" Annandag Jul. Det blir alltså ett extra veckobrev den här veckan med delar ur det brev missionsföreståndare Steven David skickat till oss. Han lämnar bl a över tre symboler till oss: en stoppnål, ett stearinljus och bomull. Läs om dess betydelse i veckans brev och tag emot hälsningen som är på engelska.

Denna vecka ber vi för fred på jorden och missionen världen över.

Med tillönskan om en God Helg!

Bertil Svensson

Från Indien till Missionskyrkans "Missionsdag", Annandag Jul

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

First of all I would like to greet and congratulate you on the Mission Day, 26th of December 2003. Mission means to serve, to spread the good news and the most important thing is to become one among them. That has happened in Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) few days ago.  Let me quote an example.

We are working in so many fields and out of that one of our task is to “Rehabilitate Eunuchs.” The present situation of the Eunuchs is very painful.  They are not accepted by the society.  People make fun of them or look down upon them. Yet our service towards them continues. In our Eunuchs Project the persons who are serving with the Eunuchs always would say “I and you” but one day a worker started the devotion among them saying “we.” I think this was his mission to serve and he succeeded in it. 

On this mission day we have also to become part of suffering to understand more deeply His Kingdom and on this auspicious day HCC would like to present you three symbols:

“Needle” - What is the work of the needle? It means connecting or patching up torn clothes. The pastor is the key person to connect and bind up each member with one another so that all of them are in unity, fellowship and in communion with the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Candle” - It burns and gives light to others who are in darkness. The light that we possess should enlighten those who are in darkness, misery and in suffering. So that their paths are lightened up and they walk in light.  So the candle symbolizes our burning to give light to those who are in dark. Each member of the Church has to burn like a candle.

“Cotton” - A valuable product. The ultimate product of cotton is cloth. It protects each one and hides from physical appearance and severe climatic conditions. In the same way within our Congregations we need the members to be clothed spiritually. These members could help those unfortunate people away from worldly misendeavours. Let each one cover itself with the fine holy garments acceptable to the Lord for His Glory.

HCC applies these three symbols for nurturing and caring the seekers, sufferers and servers on this Mission Day.

Once again thank you for the Gospel, which you have given to us through the dedicated missionaries from the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden. We pray that the same spirit should continue.

With kind regards

S.C. David
Hindustani Covenant Church


Fred i världen
Runt om i vår värld finns konflikter och oroshärdar mellan länder och folkslag. Orsakerna kan vara många och tyvärr drabbas ofta oskyldiga människor av krigets fasor. Inför ett nytt år ber vi om fred och försoning och ett slut på de många krigen!

Mission i andra länder
Missionsuppdraget är alltid lika aktuellt och måste hållas levande i våra församlingar. Vi ber om Guds välsignelse för våra systerkyrkor och våra svenska missionsarbetare i samarbete med kyrkoledare och församlingar i olika länder.

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