Mission and Revolution in
Central Asia

by John Hultvall

It is with great joy that we can now present the translation of the whole book”Mission and Revolution in Central Asia” written by John Hultvall in 1981.

“Mission and Revolution in Central Asia” treats in detail the work of what was called “The Swedish Mission” from 1892 to 1938 in what was formerly known as Eastern Turkestan, now Xinjiang, the most north-western autonomous region of China and it also provides a survey of the political development in this part of the world.

Our thanks go to Birgitta Åhman and Linnéa Söderlund for the translation of the book and to Kerstin and Donald Eadie and Sharon Lannfjäll for their correction of the English translation.

Bertil Svensson
International Mission Director
Svenska Missionskyrkan / Mission Covenant Church of Sweden

Chapter 1-4 (pdf 663kB)

Chapter 5-7 (pdf 534kB)

Maps and pictures pdf 8,42 Mb


The book Mission and Revolution in Central Asia, by John Hultvall,
describes  the MCCS Mission Work in Eastern Turkestan from 1892 to 1938.
Gummessons, 1981


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