Goals and Vision for the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden 2010

Our Vision

A church for all aspects of life that offers redemption and healing through the encounter with Jesus Christ.

The church has its source and inspiration in the encounter with God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This encounter happens in different ways for different people in different situations. Out of this diversity, the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden (MCCS) wishes to create opportunities - time, place and environment - for spiritual experiences, individually and jointly. We want to affirm the call to be active stewards of creation, to assist our fellow human beings in sacrificial diaconal service and to develop expressions of and opportunities for prayer and worship.

Four strategic areas
In the period until 2010, the MCCS will concentrate on four main areas of work. We intend to let the experiences of our encounter with Jesus Christ permeate all this work.

1. Empowering local churches and helping them grow
Church development concepts with special focus on all ages and on ministry.
A church for all aspects of life

2. A living force in society
The diaconal task of assisting the oppressed and marginalised governs the social involvement of the church and makes it a living force in society - locally, nationally, and internationally.

3. Joint responsibility in international mission
Realised in co-operation with sister churches and ecumenical partners

4. A creative staff community
The Mission Covenant Church offers a creative working environment, where women and men of different ages and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds can develop and grow in a living working community.
Employers’ responsibilities and working environment

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